Frequently Asked Questions

 Question, n. interrogative phrase or sentence indended to ilicit an answer 

What is a mathmo?

Mathmo a. & n. (pl. mathmos)
Corruption of mathematician, a local term used to describe a person studying maths, especially at the University of Cambridge, England. Also used in place of mathematical, particularly when in connection with the University of Cambridge.
To find out if you could qualify as a mathmo, you might like to take the mathmo test.

Don't you make lava lamps?

No. Try It's pronounced differently, and has nothing to do with maths.

So who are you then?

We are Chris Rycroft and Robert Whittaker; two students studied mathematics together at the University of Cambridge. We thought it would be cool to have our own domain, and this it it. As long as you don't send any spam, you may email us with chris@(nospam) and robert@(nospam) respectively.