Mathematical Poetry

The Integral of tee-squared dee tee,
From one to the cube root of three,
Times half the cosine,
Of three-pi over nine,
Is the log of the sixth root of e.

There was a young lady named Bright,
Whose speed was far faster than light;
She set out one day
In a relative way,
And returned home the previous night.

— Arthur Henry Reginald Butler —

A Dozen, a Gross and a Score,
plus three times the square root of four,
Divided by seven,
Plus five times eleven,
Equals nine squared and not a bit more.

— Jon Saxton —

A mathematician called Klein,
Thought the Mobius band was divine.
He Said, 'If you glue,
The edges of two,
You'll get a weird bottle like mine!'

— Leo Moser —

There once was a brainy baboon,
Who always breathed down a bassoon,
For he said, "It appears,
That in millions of years,
I shall certainly hit on a tune."

— Sir Arthur Eddington —

\int dydx = \int r dr dtheta
Katherine had a maths problem that beat her,
So she called for Rob to come meet her.
He said don't perplex,
'Cause dy times dx,
Is r times dr times dθ.